If you have been hurt or injured by a negligent driver, or any party that is at fault, you may be able to use the court system to obtain money to compensate you for your harms and losses.  Cleveland Stockmeyer can help you decide if you should pursue your legal rights.  Cleveland Stockmeyer has helped dozens of clients win settlements or verdicts in personal injury cases from $5,000 to $2.8 million.Learn More
Sometimes you or your business may need to go to court to enforce your rights.  Sometimes you or your business may be sued by others and you need experienced legal counsel to defend your rights.  Cleveland Stockmeyer has represented many individual and business litigants in all kinds of civil claims since 1985, winning jury verdicts, arbitration awards and settlements of up to $75 million.  Whether the case involves claims against the government, corporations or individuals, Cleveland Stockmeyer can help you in court.Learn More
A few hours with Cleveland Stockmeyer when you are setting up your business, drafting a will, or negotiating a lease or partnership, can save you money and headaches now and in the future.  Cleveland  Stockmeyer can help you on an hourly basis in your personal, business or professional life.  Our Seattle, Washington law firm can assist you with a wide range of advice and legal representation.Learn More



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